Tuesday, March 14, 2023

I Am a Gay Christian


As some of you will know I am a christian, and I have recently added the pin badge, shown above,, to my man bag, to let people know that I am an an a christian who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. This badge replaces another christian cross pin badge, that unfortunately became detached from my man bag. I thought I would use this blog post to let you know where my current christian journey is.

I consider myself to be a Church of England Anglican christian, and am really pleased that as a result Living in Love and Faith process. the General Synod voted to allow the blessing of same sex couples within the Church of England. I am however concerned that groups within the Church of England such as the Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) are against the idea of same sex blessing, and do not want to have anything to do with it.  As far as I am concerned Jesus welcomed all to sit and eat at his table, and to me that includes all LGBTQ+ identifying Christians. I think that if you do not agree with same sex blessings all you need to say as a Church of England vicar Is tat I don't offer them in my church, but speak to Reverend X at Y church as they do same sex blessings in their church.

Currently I no longer attend church, as I have been taking a break for the last few years from one I had attended for over 16 years, partly due  I'm beginning to wonder about going back to church, but feeling that if I do, I need to find one that accepts that I am a gay christian, and I am not sure in the church I was in for 16+ years, would do so. 

For the future I hope that LGBTQ+ christians the world over will be accepted as valued members of all denominations of the church, be allowed to be themselves, and be able to get married in church.

Monday, September 19, 2022

You Are Safe With Me


Yesterday I purchased a new pin badge for my ManBag, from the Pride Hub run by Pride in Surrey I bought this because I felt that, with the rise in Transphobia, Bi-Phobia & Homophobia, I needed to show other members of the LGBTQ Community that I am a member of the community, who accepts all members, and no matter whether you are Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender or Queer you are safe around me, and that I'm not intent on causing you harm.

It is a shame that there are some groups out there that claim to be a part of the LGBTQ community yet, are intent on erasing the T (Transgender) & other parts of the LGBTQ community as they feel there is no such thing as a transgendered person, or someone who was born male or female and who does not identify as such. As far as I am concerned there is no LGB without the T, and other parts of the community such as Intersex, Non Binary and Asexual etc. I think it's important the world knows this. 

My hope for the future is that no matter what part of the LGBTQ+ Community you are from, you will be able to feel safe, respected and a part of modern society, regardless of what others think of you. I also hope that members of the community who feel that other parts of the community, should be erased, begin to realise that they they are making a mistake, and start to accept everyone in the community.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Apple Pride iPhone Cases

I'm an owner of an Apple Watch, and I think it is great that each year Apple make Pride watch straps for it, along with Pride watch faces. I think this years strap incorporating all the colours of the Progress Pride Flag is brilliant, as is the face. It's great that Apple are supporting Pride and making a donation to LGBTQ+ charities.

What I would love to see from Apple is Pride iPhone cases, along with a matching Pride wallpaper, as I think it would be a great way for those who don't own an Apple Watch to show their pride, and for those that do, to have a matching phone case. 

So Apple if your reading this, I think making iPhone cases and matching Pride wallpaper would be a great idea, and show the world that even if you don't have an Apple Watch, you can show your pride with an iPhone case.

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

My Pronouns


Pronouns are used a lot in the LGBTQ+ world  as a way of telling people how you would like to be addressed, they are used are part of someones identity and for some people are an important part of their identity,  so for those of you who don't already know my pronouns are He / Him. If you prefer, you can call me by name as well.